My ordinary QTH is in Jönköping

QRA-loc: JO77BS

and my sparetime QTH is on the island Tjörn

IOTA EU-043 with
QRA-loc: JO57UX


Here are some pictures from my hobby.

Also when I am mobile and from my different QTH:s, Jönköping and Tjörn.

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Some Real CW Enthusiasts! From the left: SM7EH - Gosta, SM7BVO - Rolf, SM6PWQ - Mats, SM7LZQ - Thor
I'm workoing QRP on a Field Day arranged by SK7AX, SVARK, our local club
Backside of my QTH in Jönköping with antennas
My Shack (Radio Room) in Jönköping
Running the AM-contest /mobile summer 2007.
Running CW from the car. Very convenient mount of the paddle
Running the Portable-Contest /mobile, spring 2007.
QRP-equipment and Straight Key
Running QRP from the patio summer 2007.
Running the Portable-Contest QRP from the beach of Wettern
Nice environment at the beach of Wettern
SM6CBQ, Ingvar, helping me launching the wire-antenna with his Bazooka
SM6BCQ, Ingvar, fastening the feeder
All antennas in place at my ordinary QTH
Antenna work at my sparetime QTH
FT-817 QRP-equipment with mini-keyer, battery, longwire and tuner
Running QRP from the terrace at my sparetime QTH, beautiful view
Participating in the Straight Key Day on New Years Day 2008, arranged by Scandinavian CW Activity Group
The shack at my second QTH
The house at my second QTH
The shack at my second QTH
Antennas at my second QTH
CP-6 for HF to the left, Duo-band vertical for 2/70 on top of the 15-element horizontal Yagi
Homemade dipoles for 40/80 meters with common balun mounted to the mast
Equipment I use to bring to my second QTH
Bencher, Vibroplex Original DeLuxe and Vibroplex Brass Racer Iambic Square
Different keys I use at home: Vibroplex Blue Racer, VibroKeyer and Bencher
Vibroplex Brass Racer Iambic Square, The Swedish Key (REX) and Heathkit HD-1410
Keys I use to bring to my second QTH; Lionel J-36, Bencher and Straight Key from an old Ship
Using the callsign SI6T in SAC-contest, SSB-part in 2007
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