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Some pictures in the area of our permantent home...
Family Pics

Here You can see some more pictures from our home and summerplace, and of my wife and me.

We live in Jönköping at the south of lake Wettern.

Our summer cottage is on the island Tjörn, at the westcoast north of Gothenburg.

Our livingplaces


Here are some pictures from the area by the sea, on Tjörn...
A picture of Britten and me at the harbor of Kyrkesund, August 2005.
Here is my wife Britt-Marie and I
View from the Water Park close to our home
View of the town
Morning sun over the house
The harbor of Kyrkesund
The bridge we can see from our house
View towards the bridge an early morning
Early sunrise, seen from the kitchen
Activity in the harbor of Skärhamn
The summercottage
View from the livingroom
View of the town and lake Wettern

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Enjoyable evning sun on the terrace
Even in the winter the sun can be enjoyable, here by the bridge
Britt-Marie and I at an assembly